The tournament’s October

20161015 165108 KopiowanieIn October, two types of football matches we have organized. First, in October 8, the  Autumn Tournament FIFA'15 was held. The battle for victory to the very end of the game console was fought. The last matches the winners of the first three places emerged. First place Damian Halicki won, just behind him Paweł Bagieński was, while third place to Szymon Trochimczuk went
Football matches also in the gym of the Primary School No. 37 were held. Courtesy of Director Tadeusz Gaszyński  the youth  uses free the gym, every Saturday, in hours 4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. On this occasion, for many years of cooperation and openness to the needs of young people  to the Director we express our gratitude. Two football duels between the two "generations" MK "Shelter" there were already. This is a continuation of the competition, which during the holidays on the tartan playground on the estate Dziesięciny were.  And this time, an ambitious struggle for the victory we have witnessed. It was a beautiful sports competition. In both matches the younger youth won. Before us the next matches and another exciting football "battle" awaits us.



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