The taste of Tatar dishes

20161015 132649 KopiowanieWhen we talk about Tatar culture and Tatar dishes, in the first place we think about Kruszyniany. It is a village well known not only for the inhabitants of Podlasie, but for many people in other places in Poland and Europe as well. Several club members to this unique village, located approx. 60 km from Bialystok, in 15 October 2016 went.
In the past, in the village Kruszyniany was papulation of about 300 Tatars, who came there in 1679. Many of them to the city for the work have moved. Today, in the village 30 families live, mostly Orthodox and Catholics, and four Tatar family. For some time, people who left the city, the cottages in the area build, so we can say that Tatars to their home slowly are coming back.
This is worth knowing place for the people interested in history and different cultures. There is the oldest in Poland wooden Muslim mosque from the late eighteenth century and the Muslim cemetery-mizar (the oldest tombstone dating back to 1699).
The complementing of the historical feast is an opportunity to learn Tatar cuisine in the famous restaurant "Tatar yurt." Our group, of course, took advantage of this unique opportunity and the taste of several Tatar dishes savored.




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