Tykocin without secrets

P8196827 KopiowanieTykocin, that is situated 30 km from Bialystok, among the many interesting sites in the Podlasie region is undoubtedly. For such a small town, with 2000 inhabitants now, the number of monuments and tourist attractions are impressive. There is about 100 monuments, including a synagogue built in 1642, monastery complexes of the eighteenth century, a monument Czarniecki (1763), seminary, castle and so on. So we decided to go there August 19, 2016 r., in the historic atmosphere to soak. In reviewing the history of this interesting town  Mr Adam Rudawski  helped us, our guide, who has a vast knowledge about all of the monuments of Tykocin. At the end of the trip the dinner in the restaurant "Tejsza" we ate, that in the building of the historic Talmudic House is located.




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