The battle on the paintball

P7126671 KopiowanieThe youth likes to participate in various competitions, in which they can test their skills against those of other players. It is important that the nature of the competition the great fun was and  all participants satisfied. This time, our club members went on 12 July 2016 on the paintball field in Dzikie, near Białystok. There the thrilling game in the fresh air took place. The person without hearing about paintball  and seeing the game with participants dressed in uniforms with markers resembling guns and masks on the face might feel uneasy. But this is only the equipment paintball players, over whom an experienced instructor watches. The club members were divided into two groups and began to compete with rifles "markers", and  in the direction of the opponents colored balls filled with gel food dye (washable) they were shooting. The competitions on the professional  paintball fields were held, which are located next to the trees and shrubs, various structures such walls or built from tires, wood, etc. The players in several variants competitions, proposed by the instructor participated. In the individual competition  the team that eliminated from the game all the opponent players was  winning. The young people were very satisfied with the paintball fight and encouraged to participate in the next scheduled in August.




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