The weather in the package ...


P7096530 KopiowanieWhen we gathered before going to "Ritowisko" in Surażkowo in July 9, 2016 r., the weather in Bialystok not encouraged to spend time in the outdoors, just it rained. But the kayaking and outdoor games we planned. And then we joke speaking we expected from the agriturismo center the good weather in the package ordered attractions when we booked... So we understood, the weather in Surażkowo  probably in spite of all on our side will be. And indeed it was did! This is not a joke. The sunny skies smiled at us while we canoeing. The sun for the whole stay in the "Ritowisko" accompanied us. After a delicious dinner and dessert the games of volleyball, badminton, frisbee and enjoyment of nature in this beautiful place were.


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