One day, two tournaments ...

P4016182 KopiowanieIn March 24, 2016 the Club "Shelter" was filled with the atmosphere of the tournament. On this day, at the same time, two tournaments - Spring Tournament FIFA'15 and Air Hockey Tournament, took place. All the participants of this event, both players and fans, had the spirit of sports competition. For a few hours we were witnesses an exciting the skills confrontation  in two areas: table  hockey and  console game FIFA'15. All the players have demonstrated high efficiency and great commitment in the fight for the  places on the podium.  In the Spring Tournament FIFA'15  the statuette for first place Damian Halicki has received, while for second place - Kacper Kużel, and for the third place - Szymon Trochimczuk. In the Tournament Air Hockey, David Rzepniewski  first place won, second - Maciej Michalec, while the third - Damian Halicki. It is known that there are only 3 places awarded, but all players were to be commended. The official ceremony of trophies was held on 1 April 2016. The winners of the first three places, in both tournaments, received statuettes. Good moods had not only heroes of the competition, but also  all the participants of this meeting, because on this special occasion  pizza was ordered.


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