The smell of summer holidays

P7076015 KopiowanieIt is hard to imagine the summer holiday in the Club "Shelter" without trip to Ritowisko. So in July 7, 2015 r. the group of 18-people went to this charming place. The weather was a dream, just to stay outdoors. In the beginning  the kayaking rivers Sokołda and Supraśl took place.  For the arms which were not accustomed to rowing it was a big challenge, the more that sometimes we had to wade through a thicket of seaweed. But we had good  mood , especially when we have returned to the base and the delicious dinner was waiting for us. Then it was relaxing with a coffee and a sweet snack. Rita and Czarek Moczulski the attractions such as carriage rides through the woods, then riding have prepared for us. Great holiday atmosphere encouraged us to move. Young people playing volleyball, badminton and frisbee. It was hot, so a great possibility to cool, the river  flowing near was. We are grateful to God for wonderful time.


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