The hospitable “Ritowisko”

In JulP7095526 Kopiowaniey, twice, 9.07.2014 and 28.07.2014, the team of 10 young people from YC "Shelter" to an agriturismo "Ritowisko" went, in Surażkowo, near Supraśl located. We met up there with affection the owners, Rita and Cezary  Moczulski, who, as usual, as important guests welcomed us. The weather was also kind to us, so all the conditions to spend a nice holiday time in nature were. There we organized many activities. First of all, there was the canoeing one rivers Sokołda and Supraśl. We sailed from Ritowiska to Krzemieniec, and from there we were transported  with kayaks by car to the farm. In the living room a delicious dinner for us waited, served on beautifully set tables.

Then there was a horse-drawn carriage ride through the woods, which we enjoyed greenery and unique scent. It was also an opportunity to test the skills and courage during the descent on a rope over a pond and climbing on the wall. There was also sportsmanship. During both stays were  beach volleyball tournaments were held. The teams that were waiting for their turn  were the badminton were playing. After struggling in the hot sun in the river Sokołda we swam. We are grateful to God that we could spend two holiday days in such a charming place.




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