The console and hockey games

P6305478 KopiowanieIn June 23, 2014  the console game FIFA'13, under the name of the III Football Confrontations was held.  The joystick virtuosos joined to resolve which of them actually is the best. The tournament was preceded by several hours of sparring, which showed a very even level players, so it was difficult to predict who will be the champion. It caused the extra excitement, not only among players but also the fans. In the match for 1 position Damian Ostrowski and Paweł Bagieński played. The winner in this battle Damian Ostrowski was. Then, the match for 3rd place took place. There also were strong emotions. Kacper Kużel  bronze won and  Mariusz Margużewicz 4 position won. The winners of the first four places received trophies.


P6305481 KopiowanieIn July 17, 2014 the Air Hockey Tournament was organized. This time, the operators of the hockey ejections played, which their plastic discs into the opponent's gate accurately sent. In this rivalry the  manual dexterity, reflexes and ability to concentrate to the last goal was also important. The  first place Maciej Michalec won, while the second and third accounted for, respectively, Mariusz Margużewicz and Mateusz Borawski. The winners  their awards in the form of exquisite sweetness received.

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