Super Cup Dart'2013 and Air Hockey Tournament

PC205175 KopiowanieThe culmination of sporting events in the " Shelter " in 2013 was the Super Cup Dart'2013. The competition, which held a whole month, from November 6 to December 6, 12 players involved. Matches were played running " peer ". The master of throwing darts at  a target to Mariusz Margużewicz was, who all his matches won. The second place to Michael Sołowiej went. Third and fourth place, respectively by Artur Muczyński and Rafał Załuska was taken. The highest number of points in one series Marta Zalewska won. All winners trophies during Small Eve received.

Earlier, on November 21, the Air Hockey Tournament took place. The winner of the first place was Mariusz Margużewicz . Second place to Adam Litwińczuk went. Third and fourth place respectively, to Mateusz Oświeciński and Mateusz Borawski went. The winners the statuettes received.


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