Sports emotions

III Turniej Szóstek Genticus Cup2013 5In this year's series of sports events in MK "Shelter" was held the next tournaments. On 26.04.2013r. the II Dart Tournament took place. The winner was Arthur Muczyński, while second and third place won the Adrian Połuszańczyk and Matthew Załuska. A month later, it is  on 23.05.2013  the III Diamond Table Tennis Tournament was held. The best player of the tournament was Mateusz Oświeciński, second place went to Jan Grzybek, and the third - Paweł Bagieński. The winners of both tournaments received statuettes.

We should mention the next event, namely the III Sixes Tournament in the XI edition of Genticus Cup - Football Grand Prix'13, which started on 12 May 2013 and will continue until 30 June 2013. By the end of the tournament our team - MK Schron II - will play two more games, but the results so far have indicated that they do not repeat the success of previous years.



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