Christmas Table Tennis Tournaments

PC134338 KopiowanieMost of the club members of the Youth Club "Shelter" like to participate in the events such as tournaments. It is a time of mutual confrontation of their skills in the sport.  In the club is the opportunity to improve the skills in several areas of sports, and  from time to time we test it in various tournaments. The information about this events we present on our website. On Thursday, December 13, 2012, and on Friday, 14 December 2012, there were two Christmas Table Tennis Tournaments. In these events 21 players took part. In every match  we have seen a sporting  ambition and determination to fight for every point. It is important that players treated the participation in tournaments as another experience to polish their skills.  The attitude of colleagues who a few years ago, losing matches, and today they are the real champions in table tennis, was big encouragement. Rafał Załuska won I Christmas Tournament, which took place on 13.12.2012. Second place was won by Paweł Bagieński, while the third one won Adam Litwińczuk. The winner of the II Christmas Tournament  was Adam Litwińczuk, and the second and third ranked in Damian Halicki and Mariusz Margużewicz. We congratulate the winners and thank all participants for a great sporting spectacle.



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