The success of the representation of MK "Shelter"

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When the boys from the "Shelter" Club came in August to a series of the soccer tournaments, the ninth edition of Genticus Cup'11 - organized by the Society of Sports and Recreation "Genticus" on the playground at Primary School No. 37 in Białystok - we had a little dream about winning a place in the top ten, among 24 teams. Apparently we underestimated the players and their football ability as the team won 3rd place in I Tournament, held on 6 - 28 August 2011, if not run out of tournament experience could even reach the 1st place.

     3In the second tournament, taking place from September 4 to 16 October 2011, there was not such a spectacular success, but our team finished with good fourth place. Immediately after this competition, "Shelter" team attended in the next tournament - the III Indoor Tournament, which took place from 22 October and 18 December 2011, in a sports hall in the 47th Primary School. This time our team took third place.

    2 Very interesting for the players and our educators, was to summarize the results of three tournaments. It turned out that the overall cycle in a tournament, players from the "Shelter" team took second place, and the team captain, Matthew Pawluczuk, was top scorer. We regard this as a big success of our representation.







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