The summer soccer in Youth Club "Shelter"


Many young people from the "Shelter" Club are passionate of football. They are not only fans, of course, primarily Białystok "Jagiellonia," but they actively play this sport, what is very important. They use every opportunity to play, whether on the football field housing estate, on the football field "Orlik" in the prima, or in the sports hall. Matches are played amongst themselves, sparring, as well as they participate in tournaments. Earlier we wrote about the successes in June 2011 in Supraśl during the Podlaskie Voivodeship Championships of the Childcare Centers.
Adventure of football in this summer did not end at this event. Throughout the summer young people benefited from the possibility of playing on the football field "Orlik", at Primary School No. 37, on Fridays and Saturdays.
The youth participation in very interesting football event - I Sixes Tournament, played in the ninth edition of Genticus Cup'11 - organized by the Sports and Recreation Society "Genticus" from 6 - 28 August 2011 in Bialystok, deserves special emphasis.
In the tournament, organized on the football field "Orlik" at Primary School No. 37, 24 teams took part. Representation of Youth Club "Shelter" has been very successful, in fact took 3rd place. At the same time it should be emphasized that our team in the final games drew the best team tournament, and only 1 goal gave way to the team that took second place. Of course, the boys from our team should be congratulated for finding itself among the winners, especially that this is their first participation in this football tournament. By the way we express our appreciation to the Society "Genticus" for organizing a very interesting and useful event.















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