6m"Diamond" Center has established another Club at "Dziesięciny" District in Białystok. It is youth club called "Shelter" at 15 Kalinowa Street. This initiative came from the need of a group of teenagers from high schools to spend some time together. The group of young people hanging around the area was the serious problem for local society. Our idea was very positively received by the Management Board of Apartment Enterprise "Railway Family".
     For the needs of the Club we have received two pieces of apartment. One of them needed much renovation. We have made it together with the workers of "Dziesięciny" District Administration. Young people all together and with a lot of zeal painted the rooms and made order after renovation.
     Establishing of the "Shelter" Club is the example of partnership and cooperation between various institutions in practical solving of social problems. There was also Białystok City Council, who supported our activities.
     What is the opinion of the youth about this initiative?
"If not that Club, I doubt we had anything to do. Surely we would still hang around and people would carry on complaining." - this is the statement of one of the teenagers, who took part in the renovation of a new Club.


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