Sports competition in Suprasl

1At the beginning of December, 5th of the month precisely, competition in table tennis took place in Suprasl. "Diamond" team was tried by the representation of the Orphanage in Suprasl. It was interesting sport event, organized by the workers of the Orphanage. They, as usual, have received the guests in a very pleasant atmosphere. During the competition there were single and double matches. It was real sport fight, and every match gave a lot of emotions, both for players and the fans. Total winners of the confrontation was "Diamond" Club's in Białystok Team.


Special Mother's Day in "Diamond"

1moWe have celebrated Mother's Day this year very solemnly in "Diamond" Club in Białystok. Children worked hard to prepare for the holiday. A big amount of mums accepted the invitations. Our pupils presented art program, there were special contests. Mothers got presents made by children themselves. There were a lot of precious moments and for sure some mothers have shared a tear. After the official part, the adults had time to talk and have tea together. It was a good moment for the teachers to share their observations concerning the development and needs of children coming to the Club.



Draughts in Suprasl

7 mThere was an interesting event on 26th of April. Regional Championships of Orphanages in Draughts. They were held in the Orphanage in Suprasl. The representant of our Club, Klaudia from "Diamond" Children's Club in Białystok took part in the Championships too. Klaudia participated in such event for the first time, but her participation was very successful, because she won the first place among girls. During the championships there was a great atmosphere of fair sport's competition. All the participants were happy to get part in the Championships, because they all, no matter the results got presents, prepared by the Orphanage in Supraśl.



Children's Day

twarzPupils of Diamond Children Club in Białystok got the invitation to participate in the special event organized on Children's Day by Orphanage in Supraśl.


Winter holidays in "Diamond" Center

winter06 b1Winter Day Camp in the "Diamond" Children's Club in Białystok

From 30 of January to 4 of February we had winter day camp in the "Diamond" Children's Club in Białystok. Group of 30 people (children and teachers) participated in it. The program of day camp was full of attractions and interesting activities. We had Day of Sports and children took part in many sport contests, such as table tennis contest and competition of rope jumping. We also had English Class. Specially attractive were going to the swimming pool and to the cinema to see "The Chronicles of Narnia". After the film children had craft lessons based on the subjects of the film. There were also model workshops, where boys could construct models of airplanes. No doubt, the greatest event of all was going to the sledge to Surażkowo, near Supraśl. Horses, camp fire with hot tea and sausages, visiting of the horse stable and riding on a pony. All these activities gave children a lot of fun, joy and new experiences. On the last day of our winter day camp everybody got a gift. This winter week was


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