Framework of activities of Diamond's Club in Bialystok

Diamond" Club is situated at 40 Berlinga Street, at "Dziesięciny" District in Białystok.

Activities are held in the Club from Monday to Friday, from 14.30 to 18.30 in two age groups. About 30 children and teenagers from 4 to 16 years of age participate in them.
Younger children, 4 - 12 years old have the opportunity to take part in our activities four times a week.



Time in the Club is divided into 3 parts.
In the first part children participate in such activities:

Games and plays, which aims are: integration of the group, creating proper relations within the group, training of concentration and logical thinking, bingo, draughts, tower, scrabble, rumicub, quibble, basket of fruits, small kitty, flies and spider, sun and a snowman etc.
Sport activities such as: throwing objects into the target, table tennis, table football etc.
Help with the homework and all the problems with school work,
Lectures on current subjects according to the needs of children

Main theme was friendship: understanding the definition, value of friendship, obligations and privileges, respect for another person, adaptation to various kinds of personalities, subjects concerning school life (relationships with teachers, learning, going into a new social group - school class) and relationships with contemporaries.

Another part of day's program is meal prepared by teachers, but with the help of children.
After meal there are lessons on particular subject connected with the season of the year, current holidays or themes. We use such forms of lessons:

Art, they consist of very wide choice of materials and techniques
Contests with prices, main aim of such is greater knowledge about environment, society, language and math skills,
Poetry classes

Activities for gymnasium pupils are held once a week and they have similar scheme, but taking into consideration the needs and possibilities of older children.
We concentrate on classes with the elements of sociotherapy. Such subject and themes are tackled:

Drug addiction, awareness and self esteem,
Relations between girls and boys, respect,
Value of education, the need of getting knowledge and skill, value of education in adult life.
Relations in contemporary group, friendship, impact of the group on behavior and decisions of single person.

According to the needs we have individual conversations with children and youth.
Every day is finished with the cleaning of the Club after activities, done by children with teachers.
Apart from everyday activities there are special program, like: Children's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays and day camps during winter or summer holidays.


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