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1koscierzyna03Finally we have seen the day of 17th of July. You just had to pack some things and get to the place of your destiny.

This year our camp was to be held in Kościerzyna. I have to admit, I have waited for these 12 days with some fear, especially because I was supposed to be the leader for the first time. My fears have been dispelled as I was welcomed by the smiling faces of camp's frequenters and curious looks of the new ones.


2koscierzyna03After the first burst of joy caused by our meeting, I have been escorted to my room, where I was supposed to stay together with the girls from my group. And this way I have entered the life of the camp.

Kościerzyna, town located in the middle of Szwajcaria Kaszubska Region, appeared very friendly. Interesting history and beauty of the buildings in the old part of the town, has lead some of us to fulfill the needs of historical knowledge, while the others have admired charming tenement houses in the old square. We all could try ice cream and other sweets from famous Kościerzyna sweet shop.

Day plan was intensive, but we could find the time for everything. One of the first points of the day, right after breakfast, were the "Explorer's Meetings". There, aunts Ewa, Danusia and Marta told children about the life of Jesus Christ in very interesting and clear way. Afterwards, the groups had time for themselves. We used to go for walks or shopping and uncle Ryszard organized some sport activities.

3koscierzyna03But in fact, everybody was in a hurry to go to the lake. The weather was great almost all the time, so all the fans of sunbathing, swimming and fishing (yes, there were some, as well) could not complain of the lack of attractions. The greatest pleasure for children was jumping into the deep water, of course under the attentive look of the leaders and lifeguards.

Intensive activities in the water made us come back for lunch very hungry. After some rest, there were another surprises waiting for us. Aunts Marta and Danusia have prepared crafts. Everyone could find something suitable for himself. For example boys painted wooden cars and girls have made some teddy bears.

After we finished working on our little pieces of art, aunt Kasia has waited for us with a guitar and we used to start "Musical adventure". In the beginning it did not work out too well, but after some time we sang pretty nicely. At the end of the camp it turned out, there were a few really good singers among us. Anyway, no one was as enthusiastic about singing as the boys from the youngest group - Artur and Dominik.

After supper, at the time of evening surprises, each group could present their specially prepared program. Everyone got a chance to be the actor for a while. There were a few really talented artists among us. The leaders also had their five minutes and I have to admit we needed to work hard to satisfy the audience consisting of our pupils.

3koscierzyna03We did not lack of the Muppets this year as well. They were strongly supported by the girls from the oldest group. Marcin and Magda's shows often had caused the storms of laughter among camp participants. But the nicest part of the evening was the story in parts, read by aunt Ewa. Some of us just could not wait to hear further adventures of the main character of the story by Patricia St. John "The secret at pheasant cottage". It was an unforgettable sight when aunt Ewa sat in the middle of the room and children gathered around her, hugging and listening to the story with open mouth.

Among ordinary days at the camp, there were also some unusual ones. We had a "day of kindness". At first we drew lots for the person for whom we had to do something nice. There were cards, walks, helping each other, kind gestures, sweets and many, many other small pleasures, which all caused smiling, joy and even some affection.

4koscierzyna03One of the nicest surprises was the trip to the Skansen Museum organized for us by uncle Ryszard. The museum is located nearby Koscierzyna on the Wdzydze Lake. Thanks to this location, we could not only admire the museum exhibits, but also the beauty of the nature at Kaszuby Region. In the skansen museum we learned about the living conditions of Kaszuby people in the past. We also participated in a real class at Kaszuby school. Children talked about that trip long time after its end. The boys liked windmills the most, while the girls were charmed by the decorations of XVIII century manor houses.

On the last day of the camp the pleasures were endless. We got some gifts, we had a "T-shirt photo session". In the evening there was clown show in which children actively participated. We had a lot of fun. After clowns, instead of a fireplace (unfortunately the weather has changed) we grilled some sausages and sang songs. There were also some first tears, because soon we had to part.


During the farewell the tears were endless. But we promised that if only it is possible we would meet next year.

These 12 days in Kościerzyna were really unforgettable. I am very glad I could be there. We felt well all together, because we all worked on the friendly atmosphere. It could be felt by anyone that had visited us. I do hope that something we created will bring the fruit of our contacts in the future. And I think this wish is pretty real, because I have already started getting the first letters from the camp participants.


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