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Narewka 2004

5narewka04Summer Camp 2004 for children from orphanages and dysfunctional families was held in Narewka. Narewka is a small village in the East part of Poland. This Region of Poland is well known because of the its oldest and biggest Forest in Europe called the Białowieża Woods and its żubr (buffaloes).


This year at the "Diamond's" Camp there were 33 children from the orphanages in Warsaw, Białystok and Supraśl and children from dysfunctional families from Warsaw and Białystok. Also there were 20 staff including teachers and kitchen workers.


3narewka04Every camp's day was rich with new experiences, and brought for all the participants lot of joy. We started the day with "The Explorers Meetings". These meetings were broken up into three different age levels. Children learned the Bible story of the life of king David.

After words, the groups had a time for themselves. We were going to the river to swim or to the forest. Sometimes everyone stayed at the campus and took part in different sport activities.

4narewka04After lunch there were crafts. Everyone could find something suitable for him/ herself. Also there were "Musical adventure" and after supper we had the time of "Evening Surprises" when each group: could present their specially prepared program.

These 12 days in Narewka were very blessed and unforgettable. We had wonderful time together, because we worked to create friendly atmosphere. We felt God's presence between us.

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